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Ultracompact Green Laser
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November 20, 2009... Santa Clara, California USA--Spectralus Corp. has introduced an ultracompact high-efficiency green laser aimed at mobile projection applications. The 60-mW ATTO measures 6.8 12.4 3.8 mm and achieves high wall-plug efficiency of 12% to 15%. The compact alignment-free design is made possible by the proprietary and low-cost Nd:YVO4/PPMgOLN microchip laser platform.

The laser targets mobile microdisplay applications, such as those based on liquid-crystal-on-silicon and digital light-processing panels. It eliminates the challenges, such as eye safety and high cost, associated with megahertz modulation platforms and faced by the laser scanning projectors. The linear horizontal polarization of 100:1 and high wall-plug efficiency enable high efficiency in projection engines, approaching levels of 20 lm/W.

Beam quality is M2 1.8, beam waist diameter is 50 m, and beam divergence is 10 mrad minimum and 20 maximum

The laser is available in a stand-alone version or integrated on a driver board powered by a cell phone battery or via USB. The standard model is optimized for 60- or 120-Hz modulation rates for color-sequential operation with a 33% duty cycle. Other frequencies (up to 5 kHz) and duty cycles are available upon request.

For more information, visit:

Spectralus Corp.
2953 Bunker Hill Lane
Suite 400
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: (408) 282-3658
Fax: (408) 282-3501

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