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Welcome to the Semiconductor Lasers & VCSELs channel!

CompoundSemi Online serves the information needs of the compound semiconductor industry and its supply chain with product and market news updates for this rapidly evolving technology. Our "all the news on one page" format, with select channels for specific interests, offer the most efficient news delivery approach in the industry.

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November 14, 2013...The original CompoundSemi News was introduced in 2000, innovating "content management" long before any types of standard frameworks came into being. As of our November 11, 2013 edition, we have launched an all new framework that moves to a headline-summary style, and which will allow us an even more real-time flow to the news you count on. All of 2013's CS News articles are available and fully searchable on the new site. The entire 13 year library of our leading compound semiconductor industry news coverage remains available through the search function of this site, and you'll find a handy link to that at on the top menu at the new

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Shimadzu Develops Blue Direct Diode Laser for Microfabrication
CompoundSemi News Staff

October 14, 2013...Shimadzu has developed a blue direct diode laser. The 10-W type will be placed on reference exhibit at InterOpto 2013 (October 16th to 18th at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan). The company claims that it is the first blue direct diode laser, which features a microscopic spot size and can be applied to microfabrication
. According to Shimadzu, benefits of direct diode lasers include their compact size, high-efficiency electro-optic conversion, and their ability to be mass-produced at low costs. Shimadzu asserts that, short wavelength, high output semiconductor lasers that work in the visible region where the rate of absorption by metal is high, will enable new machining materials and microfabrication.

 Shimadzu claims to have achieved a 16-fold increase in brightness over conventional levels for fiber-coupled blue semiconductor lasers, which feature high rates of absorption by metals. This has been achieved by utilizing newly developed optical multiplexing technology in addition to high-durability coating technology and techniques for precision assembly of optical equipment, cultivated to date, based on GaN semiconductor lasers utilized in Blu-ray Discs and projectors.

The laser features a fiber coupling design that enables a laser beam with high efficiency, even for kW-class output. Shimadzu claims that its power consumption is about one half that of solid-state green lasers. Firstly, a 10-W model will be released in about January 2014. Afterward, the company says it will develop 50-W and 100-W types and spatial output types to enhance the product line.

II-VI Agrees to Purchase Oclaro’s Fiber Amplifier and Micro-optics Business
CompoundSemi News Staff

October 14, 2013...II‐VI Incorporated announced signing an agreement to acquire the fiber amplifier and micro‐optics business of Oclaro. Inc (the business) in a transaction valued at $88.6 million. The deal is expected to close on or about November 1, 2013 depending upon certain regulatory approvals. On September 12, 2013, II-VI purchased Oclaro’s Zurich, Switzerland–based semiconductor laser business. At the same time II-VI disclosed it had purchased for $5 million an exclusive option to acquire the business.

II‐VI says that the latest acquisition is consistent with the company’s strategy to focus on precision engineered materials and opto‐electronic components. Francis J. Kramer, president and CEO of II‐VI Incorporated, stated We are pleased to add a broadportfolio of world‐class, fully customized solutions to provide customers with end‐to‐end design and manufacturingsupport to enable the rapid realization of customer‐specific amplification and micro‐optics solutions. We will leveragethe telecom laser pump product line we recently purchased from Oclaro, and the Business will benefit from thecomplementary product portfolio and capabilities of our Photop business unit. The Business and its team come to us asa recognized industry leader, and are well positioned with a broad technology and product portfolio which isunderpinned by over 400 patents. We look forward to serving the customers of the Business, and we welcome our mostrecent employees to the II‐VI family of companies.”

II‐VI Incorporated Acquires Oclaro, Inc.’s Switzerland‐Based Semiconductor Laser Business;
CompoundSemi News Staff

September 13, 2013...II-VI Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, announced the acquisition of the Zurich, Switzerland-based laser business of Oclaro, Inc. The transaction is valued at $115 million. The acquisition provides II‐VI with semiconductor laser technology including fiber lasers and direct diode lasers for material processing, medical, consumer and fiber optic communication applications. II‐VI will operate the business as II‐VI Laser Enterprise GmbH. II‐VI paid $92 million in cash for the business. Oclaro retained $15 million in accounts receivable from the business. II-VI is holding back $6 million of cash for 15 months from the closing date and $2 million of cash for potential working capital adjustments.

In addition to the acquisition, II-VI separately paid $5 million in cash the for an exclusive option to purchase Oclaro’s amplifier and microoptics business for $88 million. This option,will expire if not exercised within 30 days. If II‐VI purchases the amplifier and micro‐optics business within 30 days, the $5 million option price will be applied to the purchase price of the amplifier and micro‐optics business.

Francis J. Kramer, president and CEO of II‐VI Incorporated, commented, “Our new Zurich‐based operation has a rich history of technological innovation in the laser industry. We expect to increase the resources available to the team, enabling them to drive important new products for II‐VI customers. We welcome our new employees to the II‐VI family of companies.”

Sharp and Osram Enter into LED and Laser Diode Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2013...Sharp Corporation of Osaka Japan and Osram GmbH of Munich, Germany have entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement covering LEDs and laser diodes. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, and the specific patents covered were also not revealed. The cross-licensing agreement grants each company the right to use inventions related to LEDs and laser diodes covered by the patents around the world, which the respective companies own. Sharp and Osram expect that the agreement will invigorate their Research and development and contribute to further advances in LEDs, laser diodes, and related industries.

Sharp is by no means a new entrant into the LED market. Sharp began mass-production of LEDs in 1970 and claims the world's first production of infrared laser diodes for CDs in 1982. Sharp reportedly built up these LED and laser diode technologies over the years. In addition the Sharp says it has recently come out with numerous unique devices, including a high-efficiency, high-brightness 100 W-class LED for lighting, and a red laser diode that can be used as a light source for displays.

Excelitas Technologies Introduces 905nm Pulsed Laser Diode
CompoundSemi News Staff

May 13, 2013...Excelitas Technologies’ Surface Mount 905 nm pulsed semiconductor laser is designed specifically for high volume applications such as laser therapy, range finders, safety light curtains and adaptive cruise control. Multi-cavity layers concentrate the emitting source size and create three emitting active areas. When operated at 30A, these areas produce 70W of peak optical output power on average. The laser is mounted on an FR4 substrate, a leadless laminate carrier (LLC), which Excelitas says provides thermal management and power stability. The laser diode is intended for surface mount application and for hybrid integration. The diode encapsulate material is a molded epoxy resin for low cost and high-volume manufacturing.

Osram Coordinating BMBF Project for Infrared Laser Sources
CompoundSemi News Staff

February 22, 2013...As part of the ‘Integrated Microphotonics’ initiative, Osram Opto Semiconductors is coordinating the IMOTHEB project (integrated microoptical and microthermal elements for diode lasers of highbrilliance). The goal is to improve the performance and reduce production costs of laser systems. The project partners are DILAS Diode Laser and the Max Born Institute. The project (FKZ 13N12312), which is supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), runs from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2015.

Osram notes that diode-pumped high-power laser systems for material processing provide lower operating costs, greater efficiency and smaller size. Fiber lasers and fiber-coupled diode lasers are becoming more and more important for optical material processing but are more costly. Therefore researchers need to improve performance while reducing costs of infrared semiconductor laser diodes, which can be used to pump fiber lasers.

The project maps the entire value chain from the semiconductor chip to the complete laser system. The semiconductor lasers, cooling elements, optics, and sensors will be targets of performance improvement and cost reduction. They also plan to increase the output of semiconductor lasers by 40 percent by September 2015, while retaining the same high beam quality.

Simulations are being subcontracted to the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering. DILAS is responsible for the assembly technology with improved thermal resistance and higher integration in laser modules, and also for automation in module production. The Max Born Institute will analyze and characterize the chips and modules.

Modulight Launches 1W RGB LimeLight Laser Modules Claiming Smallest Form Factor
CompoundSemi News Staff

January 28, 2013...Modulight, Inc., of Tampere, Finland and San Jose, California launched the new version of its LimeLight laser systems that are half the volume of previous systems claiming it is the smallest RGB laser solution. The systems produce 1W output power at 635nm, 532nm and 465nm. It measures just 80mm x 80mm by 40mm. The firm says that the systems offer a spread of wavelength from visible 465nm to NIR 1550nm and optical output power from 500mW to 30W.

Modulight says its LimeLight laser system platform is ideal for life science applications as well as display and laser projection. The system has standard interfaces and integrated control and cooling solutions for what the company claims is a very low integration cost. The standard LimeLight systems come with an SMA-905 receptacle fiber output, integrated driver, a cooling controller, and a smart on/off switch. Both CW and pulsed operation can be controlled through an 10-pin connector port by a standard PC user interface or by an analog/digital control signal directly. The platform also supports many safety features needed for medical applications, like pilot beam, fiber interlock, and safety switch.

Mr. Sampsa Kuusiluoma, the New Product Introduction Manager at Modulight explained that lasers have a wide range of package sizes for different wavelengths and power levels.

"We decided to fix that with our LimeLight platform that offers simple unified interfaces for any systems integration despite the varying device technologies and used package form factors," said Kuusiluoma.

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