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Corning and Osram Opto Semiconductors to Market a Laser and Fiber-based Light Source
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 18, 2014...Corning Inc. and Osram Opto Semiconductors have developed a unique laser-based light source that employs an innovative glass optical fiber from Corning that disperses light rather than transferring it. Osram Opto Semiconductors and Corning Incorporated announced a co-marketing agreement to promote this light source which will be called the Corning Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber. Fibrance fiber requires the use of a laser light source such as Osram’s blue and green laser diodes that boast high beam quality and high efficiency that effectively minimizes temperature increase.

The extremely-thin glass optical Fibrance fiber is optimized for applications such as automotive interior, consumer electronics, architecture, and major appliances. The fiber can be curved, contoured, and wrapped around objects while maintaining bright and uniform light, but corning says it is nearly invisible when the light source is off. Fibrance fibers can emit clear colored light up to 50 meters in product length.

“We expect the automotive and consumer markets to be early adopters of this technology,” said Osram marketing manager, Sevugan Nagappan. “While Fibrance fiber is ideal for vehicle interior applications, the design possibilities and product integration opportunities are truly endless.”

Curt Weinstein, vice president and general manager, Advanced Optics, Corning Specialty Materials said, “Our long-term goal is to get Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber into the hands of designers and let the capabilities of the product create new lighting possibilities.”

Osram showcased Fibrance at the Electronica International Trade Show and Conference in Munich, Germany on Nov. 11-14.

Osram Debuts 20-Chip Blue Laser Diode Module for Projectors
LIGHTimes News Staff

June 17, 2014...Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced a laser diode with a 50W optical output. The diode is comprised of 20 blue LED laser chips. Osram Opto reports that its developers also successfully doubled the optical output of the individual chips for an overall output of 50 W. The laser diode enables professional laser projectors  achieve a brightnes of more than 2000 lumen with only one component.

Osram says its developers are the first to adapt the "butterfly" package for projection applications. The laser module package measures 25.5 by 35 millimeters (mm) and accommodates four copper bars with up to five blue laser chips connected in series and operated at 2.3 A each. This laser diode product delivers light output of 50 W from a typical electrical input of 165 with wavelengths of 440 to 460 nanometers (nm). It achieves 30 percent efficiency.

In projectors the blue laser diodes use with a converter wheel to converts part of the blue light into the two primary colors of red and green, are used as the light source for laser projectors.  Previous laser projector designs required more than 20 individual laser diodes to be combined.
Several modules combined in a laser projector can achieve brightness levels far in excess of 5000 lumen.  Osram Opto Semiconductors optimized the chip parameters to double the single-chip output from 1.6 to 3.2 W and also improved the thermal resistance of the module.

Each specially designed chip with improved optical output power can help to reduce the price per optical watt. According to the company, the module also greatly reduces production costs compared to using a large number of individual TO packages. The radiation from all the laser chips can therefore be collimated with a single lens array. "The innovative package simplifies the integration of laser technology in projectors considerably, enabling a breakthrough in the projection market," said Stephan Haneder, marketing manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

Volume production of the PLPM4 450 will start at the end of 2014. Samples will be available from the summer. The Osram Specialty Lighting Business Unit will also be integrating the multi-chip package in a new generation of phaser light modules for projection applications. Phaser in this case is a hybrid word formed from phosphor and laser. The company says that phaser light modules based on the multi-chip package will feature a particularly compact design and will be capable of being used in combination, making them very easy to integrate in existing projector architectures. The laser module has an L-50 of up to 20,000 hours depending on ambient conditions.

Sharp and Osram Enter into LED and Laser Diode Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement
LIGHTimes News Staff

August 26, 2013...Sharp Corporation of Osaka Japan and Osram GmbH of Munich, Germany have entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement covering LEDs and laser diodes. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, and the specific patents covered were also not revealed. The cross-licensing agreement grants each company the right to use inventions related to LEDs and laser diodes covered by the patents around the world, which the respective companies own. Sharp and Osram expect that the agreement will invigorate their Research and development and contribute to further advances in LEDs, laser diodes, and related industries.

Sharp is by no means a new entrant into the LED market. Sharp began mass-production of LEDs in 1970 and claims the world's first production of infrared laser diodes for CDs in 1982. Sharp reportedly built up these LED and laser diode technologies over the years. In addition the Sharp says it has recently come out with numerous unique devices, including a high-efficiency, high-brightness 100 W-class LED for lighting, and a red laser diode that can be used as a light source for displays.

Siemens Looks to Spin Off Osram Instead of IPO

July 30, 2012...Instead of a previously talked about IPO for Osram, Siemens announced plans to spin off the company. Osram ram includes: Osram Opto Semiconductors, the optoelectronics subsidiary of Osram, that manufactures optoelectronic semiconductor components including LEDs and high power laser diodes. The new plans came after the company missed analyst estimates of Euro 1.32 billion, due to an accounting charge relating to Osram. Also Siemens reported that new orders were down 23 percent in Q3 2012 compared to Q3 of last year.

Siemens CEO Peter Loscher said, “Since market conditions continue to be volatile for an IPO, we have decided to pursue a spin-off to our shareholders as the most probable part of divestiture.” Loscher noted that demand from China was slowing and said he doesn't expect recovery until 2013 or later.
“Our focus above all is on increasing our productivity and efficiency,” he added.

ISCAS to Receive Aixtron MOCVD Systems for Electronics and Red LEDs
CompoundSemi News Staff

February 21, 2011...Aixtron SE reports that it has received a new order for MOCVD reactors from existing customer, the Institute of Semiconductors Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) in Beijing. The orders is comprised of one AIX 200/4 in the 3x2-inch wafer configuration and one AIX 2600G3 IC in the 8x3-inch wafer configuration. The institute placed the order during the third quarter of 2010. The systems delivered in the second quarter of 2011, will be used for production of electronic devices and red LEDs. The local Aixtron support team will commission the new reactors in a dedicated facility.

A ISCAS spokesperson commented, “This is a repeat order for us and over half a decade we have formed a good long-term relationship with the Aixtron group. We are convinced that these Aixtron systems will help us to achieve a very high standard of results for R&D in these key technology areas. We have been impressed in initial trials how effectively and easy it has been to scale up device processes from our existing deposition systems to the new Aixtron systems."

Sharp and Toyoda Gosei enter into LED and Laser Diode Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement
LIGHTimes News Staff

December 31, 2009...Sharp Corporation and Toyoda Gosei, both of Japan, have entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement covering LEDs and laser diodes. Under the terms of the cross-licensing agreement, Sharp says the research and development by the two companies will be enhanced, thus contributing to the development of the ever-growing LED industry. Sharp hopes to create even more advanced LEDs and laser diodes to respond to market demand. Sharp Corporation News Release

Mitsubishi Corp. Reaches Settlement with Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild in Patent Dispute
LIGHTimes News Staff

November 5, 2009...Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild has reportedly reached a settlement with Mitsubishi Corp. regarding her assertion that the company and dozens of other major electronics manufacturers in Asia and Europe violated her patents for producing LEDs and laser diodes in products.

Mitsubishi is only the latest in a long list of companies to settle with Rothschild, a professor emeritus at Columbia University. Others who have settled include BenQ, Dalien Lumei, Epistar Corp., FOREPI, Guangzhou Hongli, Hitachi, Hugo Optotech, LG, Motorola, Pioneer Corp., Samsung Electro Mechanics, Samsung Electronics, Sanyo Electric, Sewa Electric, Sharp Corp., Shenzhen Unilight, Showa Denko, Sony Corp., and Sony Ericcson. Earlier settlements were made with Nichia Chemical and Koninklijke Philips Electronics, which included Philips Lumilid Lighting Co. and Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd.(Ref: Previous Articles and News Releases), Troutman Sanders LLP. News Release LIGHTimes SecondPage members login for more. Guests can view membership details.

Chinese Academy of Sciences orders Aixtron MOCVD tool for lasers and LEDs
CompoundSemi News Staff

June 2, 2009...The Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing has ordered Aixtron's Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) 3x2 inch MOCVD system in the first quarter. According to Aixtron, the MOCVD tool will be shipped in third quarter 2009. The the new tool will reportedly be used for the research and development of semiconductor lasers and LEDs.

Prof. Zhu Hong Liang, Project Leader within the Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials Science, commented, "The Institute has focussed on optoelectronic device development for some years now. Having the world-class standard Aixtron MOCVD system in our hands we have the means to undertake a complete materials development program. Aixtron’s MOCVD equipment is well-known for its reliability and its straightforward operation. After a comparison with other suppliers we decided to buy the tool from Aixtron because of its superior quality and excellent performance." Aixtron News Release

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